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Rudolph's Shiny New Year


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New Year's Eve special


Characters & Voices
Santa Claus - Paul Frees
Aeon - Paul Frees
General Ticker - Paul Frees
Father Time - Red Skelton
Big Ben - Hal Peary
OM - Morey Amsterdam
Sir Tentwothree - Frank Gorshin
Ben - Paul Frees
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer - Billie Mae Richards
Baby Bear - Red Skelton
In this special, Rudolph is preparing for the new year, but finds out from Father Time that the new Baby New Year has run away. It seems that the baby has very large ears, and everyone laughed at him. It hurt his feelings, so he left to try and find some friends who won't laugh. At the same time, terrible Eon, a huge bird, was trying to find the baby new year for himself. You see, this December 31 was going to be Eon's last, and he is going to turn into ice and snow and disappear. With the Baby New Year, he can stop the year from ending and live forever. The race is on to see who finds the Baby New Year first, Rudolph or Eon. Rudolph was sent to the Archipelago of Last Years to try and find the baby among them. Each island was a place where time had stopped for a particular year. Each island signified a different year in Earth's history. Throughout his journey, Rudolph was joined by people from the past, and Big Ben the Whale. Eon did happen to find the baby first, and he brought him back to his island. Rudolph and his friends were right on his tale and followed him all the way back to his island. They tried to scale the cliff, but were stopped and got caught up in snowballs. Rudolph broke free and found the baby while Eon was asleep. He explained that his ears were special and that they made people happy. That's why they laughed, not at him, but because they were so happy from seeing his big ears!?! Eon awoke to find Rudolph in his nest with the baby, and right before he caught him, the baby took off his hat and let Eon see his ears. Eon broke out laughing and became happy, shedding his mean ways. Rudolph and the gang, along with the help of Santa, got the baby back to Father Time just in time to bring in the new year.
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