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Rocket Robin Hood


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Rocket Robin Hood - Len Carlson
Rocket Robin Hood holds the distinction of being the first cartoon series based on the legendary English hero to appear on television.

In this series, a distant ancestor of Medieval England's Robin fought for justice in the year 3000 A.D. The younger Hood made his home on Sherwood Asteroid, had his own band of merry men (many with the same names as the old Robin's English cohorts) and continued the quest to rob from the rich and give to the poor.

Rocket Robin may have been a man of his technological age, jetting about in a custom rocket, but you wouldn't know it from his clothes. The new-fangled Robin kept the old-fangled Robin's retro sense of style, dressing in his trademarked green costume. He was even lucky enough to find a Maid Marian to impress with his swashbuckling skills, but also around was the dastardly Sheriff of N.O.T.T., who constantly tried to thwart Robin's do-gooder plans.

Robin's weapon of choice was called an electro-quarterstaff. Between each cartoon and commercials, it played a role call of the characters and gave a description of each character. For instance, it would show Friar Tuck eating something and then bouncing a villain off his rotund stomach. While showing this it would exclaim something like "his bravery was as tremendous as his appetite".

Paving the way for later animated adventures like Young Robin Hood and Robin Hoodnik, Rocket Robin Hood ran 52 original episodes in the late 60's, and it remains a popular syndicated draw in the cartoon's native Canada.

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