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Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Marvel Productions

Characters & Voices
Argus - Arthur Burghardt
Boltar - Arthur Burghardt
Steth - Arthur Burghardt
Bront - Frank Welker
Tyrannix - Frank Welker
Venturak - Michael Bell
Traxis - Micheal Bell
Lupis - Micheal Bell
Nemesis - Peter Cullen
Sphero - Peter Cullen
Jerrock - Neil Ross
Flexor - Neil Ross
Gaxon - Neil Ross
Nommo - Neil Ross
Steggor - Neil Ross
Exeter Galaxon - Pat Fraley
Zarru - Jason Naylor
Narra - Susan Silo
Compucore - Susan Silo
Kannock - Corey Burton
Tauron - Corey Burton
Goon - Corey Burton
This was a segment on the "Super Sunday" show. It is about a group of aliens on a distant planet who are beginning to die from a plague. They all get into a sort of suspended animation and are watched over by a computer brain. When the threat of contamination entered the frozen animation room, the computer transferred the essences of the aliens to Robotix robots. Now in the robot bodies, the Protectons and the Terrakors once again battle to try to take over the world. A group of humans crash landed on the planet during one of the battles and were amazed to see such huge creatures. Of course, there were a group of evil humans that some how made it long for the ride and they left in search of the evil robots. When a human got inside of the cockpit of a robotix, they wearable to configure new weapons and tools for the robots that were not available before. Also, to make things even more tricky, the essence of the alien inhabiting the robot could be taken out and erased and a new host could be put in his place. Because of this, there was also a lot of aliens switching back and forth in the robot bodies.
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