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Red Boots for Christmas


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Walt Kubiak
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
A disgruntled shoemaker is preparing for Christmas the only way he knows he, angrily. He is lonely and has nobody to care for, making his holiday attitude null and void. One evening an old woman comes to his door wanting to barter some kindling for his shoemaking talents. Her neice has shoes which are falling apart, and in the cld and snow they are not helping. He refuses the trade and tells her to go away. That evening an angel visits the shoemaker, telling him that he has to get a special gift. All the next day he searches for the item, and every time he finds something the Mayor's daughter snatches it up for herself due to her abnoxious greediness. At last the shoemaker decides to create a pair of shoes, a pair like no one has ever seen. Of course, the Mayor's daughter sees them and wants them immediately. The shoemaker refuses. That evening he prepares his Christmas dinner, alowing those who visited to join him. The person that was supposed to show for the special gift never did. As he looked outside into the night, the shoemaker sees the poor girl with the bad shoes and realises what he must do. He gives her the shoes for Christmas. She was the special person.
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