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Raw Toonage


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In the fall of 1992, the folks at Disney came up with the idea of an all-animated variety show of sorts, something that would present the far reaches of cartoon land, something called Raw Toonage.

Disney’s Raw Toonage was a half-hour animated anthology, featuring several of Disney’s most popular characters in cameo roles. Hosted by a different character each week-such as Ludwig Von Drake, Uncle Scrooge, and Launchpad McQuack-the show consisted of three cartoon segments, along with a running gag involving the week's host. Two of these segments, He's Bonkers and Marsupilami, were regulars, while the third spot rotated between the wacky TV spoof Totally Tasteless Video and other shorts.


Based on a popular Belgian comic strip, Marsupilami revolved around a “wacky jungle critter” named Marsupilami. "Mars," who was fond of exclaiming “Houba!,” was a spotted cheetah with a 25-foot tail, the world’s longest. Together with his ape friend Maurice, Mars hung around the jungle and got into trouble, using his multi-talented tail to get them out of messes. The two animals were always being bothered by a brawny, rugged, pain-in-the-neck human named Norman.

The second segment, He’s Bonkers, featured Bonkers D. Bobcat, the most popular star at Toon Town’s W.W. Wacky Studios. Bonkers' cartoon shorts took him everywhere from outer space to the prehistoric era, where he was always involved in some sort of wacky shenanigans. Along for the ride were the bobcat's best friend and co-star Jitters A. Dog, and Bonkers' lovely next-door neighbor Fawn Deer.

The anthology series only lasted one season, but both Marsupilami and Bonkers moved on to their own self-titled shows the following season.
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