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Puff the Magic Dragon


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Fred Wolf Productions
Random special


Characters & Voices
Puff - Burgess Meredith
Jackie Draper - Phillip Tanzini
Pirate - Bob Ridgely
Pieman - Bob Ridgely
Sneeze - Bob Ridgely
Mother - Maitzi Morgan
Star - Maitzi Morgan
Father - Peter Yarrow
Bold Doctor - Regis Cordic
Tall Doctor - Frank Nelson
Short Doctor - Charles Woolf
Jackie Draper is a sad little boy who doesn't speak. Puff the Magic Dragon tries to help Jackie. He takes Jackie's soul and puts it into a paper cut out of Jackie, hence, Jackie Paper. Jackie and Puff journey to Puff's magic island called Honalee. On the way they meet a giant pirate who, thanks to Puff and Jackie, finds out he is actually a great chef. Puff and Jackie continue their journey to Honalee and find it has turned to ruins because of a race of noses called Sneezes. Puff gives up and turns to his cave and sends Jackie back home. On his way home, Jackie remembers the giant chef and brings him to Honalee to cure the Sneezes with Chicken Soup. Everyone sings and dances and then Puff brings Jackie home, puts the soul back where it belongs and Jackie Draper talks.
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