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Characters & Voices
Michael Jordan (live action) - Himself
Wayne Gretzky (live action) - Himself
Bo Jackson (live action) - Himself
Michael Jordan (animated) - Dorian Harewood
Wayne Gretzky (animated) - Townsend Coleman
Bo Jackson (animated) - Dave Fennoy
Mama - Susan Silo
Denise - Diana Barrows
Laura - Tara Charendoff
Three superstar athletes, hi-tech gadgets, and a theme song set to Queen's “We Will Rock You.” Young boys, you may commence high-fiving and pounding your own chests.

Originally developed for ESPN, ProStars featured a trio of pro sports legends-basketball royalty Michael “Air” Jordan, hockey’s “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, and football/baseball crossover star “Bo Knows” Bo Jackson. The three all-stars ended up on NBC’s Saturday morning schedule, where they appeared in live-action wraparounds, introducing the week’s episode at the beginning and answering questions at the end.

After the intro, cartoon likenesses took over (with professional actors doing the voices). Mike, Wayne, and Bo answered to Mama, a spunky redheaded matron who sent them out to do battle with polluters, smog-makers, and other ecological villains. Mama never left her boys unprepared, arming them with an arsenal of advanced doo-dads, including a custom aircraft. Wannabe ProStar Denise tagged along on the guys’ missions, usually ending up kidnapped by the bad guys.

Despite the starpower of its three leads, ProStars went the way of all of NBC’s Saturday morning schedule in 1992, when the network scrapped its cartoons in favor of a weekend news program. Like fellow DIC production WishKid, ProStars immediately found a rerun home on The Family Channel, but unlike that program, no new episodes of ProStars were ever produced.

“ProStars… It’s all about helping kids.”
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