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Popeye Valentine Special, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera
Valentines Day special

Characters & Voices
Popeye - Jack Mercer
Olive - Marilyn Shreffler
Sea Hag - Marilyn Shreffler
Bluto - Alan Melvin
Wimpy - Daws Butler
Olive, fed up with Popeye's lack of romance, sets sail on a circus ship to find 'Mr. Right'. Finding out at the last minute, Popeye gets aboard by taking a job as a crewman (reporting to Capt. Wimpy). Bluto is also on board trying to win the heart of Olive. Meanwhile, the Sea Hag has a romantic interest in Popeye, and gives Bluto super strength so he can defeat Popeye and win Olive's heart. Nothing is stronger than a can of spinach, however, and Popeye defeats both Bluto and the Sea Hag. This, of course, recaptures Olive's affections, and the two sail romantically into the sunset.

Plot sent in by Mike C.
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