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Pocket Dragon Adventures


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Characters & Voices
Filbert - Ian James Corlett
Zoom - Zoom
Specs - Samuel Vincent
Scribbles - Kathleen Barr
Binky - Tabitha St. Germain
Cuddles - Terry Klassen / Venus Terzo
Wizard - Christopher Gaze
Sparkles - Robert O. Smith
Princess Betty Bye Bell - Saffron Henderson
"PDA" is about six miniature dragons who live with a kind-hearted Wizard and tend to get into trouble. Filbert (the one with the bandanna) is the largest dragon, and self-appointed leader of the bunch; Specs (the one with the human-sized glasses) is the original bookworm; Zoom-Zoom (with the aviator’s helmet) is the fastest, and dreams of being able to fly; Scribbles (one of the only two females) is always trying to invent new things, and carries a full-sized pencil in a quiver at all times; Cuddles (with the slippers) is fond of sleeping, and always carries a pillow so he’ll be ready for a nap; and Binky (the other female) is the smallest and youngest of the bunch, but sometimes the wisest.

It should be noted that Cuddles sometimes exhibits a second personality while he’s asleep; he calls himself "Sir Cuddles" and has swashbuckling somnambulistic adventures.

Another key character is Princess Betty Bye Belle, who runs the village library; she loves books, and hates being cooped up in a stuffy castle. She’s a good friend of the Wizard and the dragons, and Specs has a major crush on her.

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