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PJs, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Vinton Studios

Characters & Voices
Thurgood Stubbs - Eddie Murphy
Muriel Stubbs - Loretta Devine
Calvin - Crystal Scales
Juicy - Michele Morgan
Bebe Ho - Jenifer Lewis
Jimmy Ho - Michael Paul Chan
Mrs. Avery - Ja'net DuBois
Sanchez - Pepe Serna
The Haiti Lady - Cheryl Francis Harrington
Thurgood is the superintendent of a building in the projects. His tenants yell at him all the time and never thank him for fixing their utilities. His wife is Muriel, who loves him with all her heart. The two young boys in he building are Juicy (the fat one) and Calvin (the thin one). Whenever Juicy goes out in public, he has to wear a sign that reads 'Do Not Feed'. Then there are the tenants. Mrs. Avery is the crochety old lady that always complains and tries to kill Thurgood. Haiti Lady is the Voodoo doctor of the building. Sanchez is Korean and he lives with Bebe. Tyrell is the local get-it guy. Whatever you ask him for, he can find it or something similar to it. Smokey it, well, the crackhead. He is a thin, frail man that is incredibly funny to watch.
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