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Pinocchio's Christmas


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Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Pinocchio - Todd Porter
Maestro - Alan King
Gepetto - George S. Irving
Cricket - Robert McFadden
Cat - Pat Bright
Julietta - Diane Leslie
Lady Azura - Diane Leslie
In this special, Pinocchio experiences his first Christmas. He wants t buy Gepetto a good present, so he journeys around the city trying to find a job. The Fox and Cat see him wandering around and decide to make a profit off of this. They hook Pinocchio up with a job at Maestro's puppet show in town. There, Pinocchio meets a lifeless marionette named Julietta, and he becomes quite attached to it. After figuring out he was trapped by Maestro, he manages to escape and takes Julietta too. The go into the Cursed Forest, where nobody would follow. At the same time, Fox is conducting his own business which involves the selling of Pinocchio to the servant of a rich Duke. In the forest, Pinocchio encounters the Fox and Cat who tell him of a trip to an exciting place that they got for him. While they were trying to trick Pinocchio, the Lady Azura arrives and they run away. She tells Pinocchio that if he learns what Christmas is about she will bring Julietta to life for him. She also tells him that Dr. Cricket will be going along to help him out. Very excited of the proposal, he leaves Julietta with the Lady and goes back to town. He meets up with the Fox who takes Pinocchio to the Duke's servant, who in turn pays for the wooden boy and takes him away. At the Duke's mansion, Pinocchio hears that the Duke can only see his children for a few minutes before he has to go. Pinocchio tells the Duke that he should be home for Christmas and not leaving his children behind. The Duke realises he has been wrong for not staying with his children for Christmas through the past years and stays home. Pinocchio leaves and returns to his own home, and soon after arriving the Lady Azura shows up with a living Julietta. Along with Gepetto, they all sit down for a Christmas feast.
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