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Peep and the Big Wide World


Original Air Date:
Discovery Kids
Prod. Co.:

Characters & Voices
Peep - Scott Beaudin
Chirp - Amanda Soha
Quack - Jamie Watson
Narrator - Joan Cusack
Ant - Rob Tinkler
Bat - Ron Rubin
Beaver Boy - Tessa Marshall
Beaver Dad - Phil Wiliams
Beaver Mom - Kathy Laskey
Bee - Diana Perissini
Blue Jay - David Huband
Bunny #1 - Melanie Tonello
Bunny #2 - Raquel Cadilha
Bunny #3 - Alexander Conti
Dragonfly - Cathy Disher
Fish - John McGrath
Fish Jr. - Phoebe McCauley
Frog - Rob Tinkler
Hoot - Corinne Conley
Nellie - Marium Carvell
Newton - Colin Fox
Porcupine - David Huband
Rabbit - Jayne Eastwood
Raccoon - Jeff Lumby
Robin - Kathy Laskey
Skunk - Adrian Truss
Snail - Laura Lynn
Squeak - Kathy Lasky
Squirrel - Peter Wildman
Tom - Alex Hood
The animated series PEEP and the Big Wide World gives wings to the innovative idea of teaching science to preschoolers. Wry and distinctive visual humor, charming plotlines, and lovable characters combine with a comprehensive science program to attract and engage kids three to five years old.

Set in and around a pond, a bush, and a tin can, PEEP follows a newly hatched chicken named Peep, and his friends Chirp and Quack (a robin and a duck), on their daily adventures. Surrounding them is a large urban park - a place of great wonder and mystery, a place they are forever eager to explore, a place they call "the big wide world."

Each half-hour episode contains two PEEP stories highlighting specific science concepts, plus two live-action shorts presenting real kids playing and experimenting with these same concepts in their own big wide worlds.

Narrated by award-winning comedienne Joan Cusack, with a theme song performed by Taj Mahal, PEEP is a funny, engaging series that celebrates being curious, being adventurous, and, for at least one character, being a duck.
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