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Patchwork Family, THe


Original Air Date:
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Characters & Voices
Host - Carol Corbett
Rags - Carey Antebi
?There's plenty to do as a member of the Patchwork Family,
We're looking for you as a member of the Patchwork Family??

Broadcast out of New York City, The Patchwork Family brought home lessons on arts, crafts, music and more through several individual segments. Holding this patchwork together were a pair of hosts, one human, one puppet. Carol Corbett (the human) was already well known to local kids for her work on earlier New York shows, and her friendly persona brought a reassuring warmth to the show. Her co-host was Rags, a yellow and orange puppet who spent most of his time standing behind a counter (for obvious, puppet-related reasons).

Together, Carol and Rags introduced the various segments for the day, often participating themselves. During any given show, young viewers might find themselves learning how to make a craft, sing a song, or any number of things. One popular recurring segment featured an accomplished doodler who would close his eyes, make random scribblings on his paper, then open his eyes and try to make something out of his scribble (an animal, a toy, etc.)

The Patchwork Family never made it to the national scene, but Carol and Rags? influence made a lasting impression on local viewers, many of whom can still sing the catchy theme by heart:

?We're looking for sisters and brothers and all sorts of others,
Like nieces, nephews, uncles, cousins,
We need members by the dozen...?

Biography on Carey Antebi:

Mr.Antebi began his career as a country/western singer. He left music to become a puppeteer with"The Muppets". Mr.Antebi worked with Jim Henson, his fellow "Muppeteers" and with Art Carney on "The Ed Sullivan Children's Christmas TV Special", "The Great Santa Claus Switch" as "Fred The ELF" (Mr.Carney played the duel roles of Santa and the evil magician Cosmo on the show). Mr.Antebi would leave "The Muppets" and work as a puppeteer on "The Patchwork Family" with Carol Corbett, Ed Ricutti (The show's resident Animal expert), Suzy Pruden and Larry Traddup (The show's singing physical ed instructors), "Uncle Bo" (Prof. Lebobo) The crafts instructor and Singer/ cartoonist/ storyteller and animation historian, John Canemaker.

"The Patchwork Family" was seen Saturday and Sunday Afternoons on WCBS TV Ch.2 in NYC and in National syndication from September 1971 to September 1972.

Mr.Antebi was also the puppeteer on WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC's "The Magic Garden".
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