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Olliver's Adventures


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Life can be tough when you're six years old and surrounded by adults and siblings who just don't seem to appreciate how wonderful your boundless energy and wild imagination are...Fortunately, that boundless energy and wild imagination can be used to create a world where your unique attributes are not only tolerated, but also rewarded with an infinite variety of adventures in which you are at the center...Such is the case with our animated protagonist, Olliver. Good-natured but self-willed, Ollie is what parents would call a "handful": a Ritalin-filled, bouncing-off-the-walls 6-year old who consequently often finds himself at odds with the world of adults and big sisters. But his fertile mind has provided him with a refuge: a make-believe world, an unfettered playground of the imagination where he can give free rein to his galloping fantasies. There, he and his toy menagerie (which comes to life when away from the prying eyes of adults) are the heroes in adventures that are as high-speed and frenetically paced as his short-attention-spanned, hyperactive mind.
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