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Oblongs, The


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Characters & Voices
Bob Oblong - Will Ferrell
Pickles Oblong - Jean Smart
Milo Oblong - Pamela Segall Adlon
Jared Klimer - Pamela Segall Adlon
the Debbies - Pamela Segall Adlon
Chip Oblong - Jason Sklar
Biff Oblong - Randy Sklar
Helga Phugly - Lea DeLaria
Beth Oblong - Jeannie Elias
"Creepy" Susie - Jeannie Elias
Mikey Butts - Jeannie Elias
"Jawless" Peggy Weggy - Becky Thyre
Pristine Klimer - Becky Thyre
Debbie Klimer - Becky Thyre
George Klimer - Billy West
Anita Bidet - Billy West
James - Billy West
Based on characters from "Creepy Susie and Thirteen other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children".

Thanks to their toxic industrial valley, this tight-knit clan displays a variety of bizarre abnormalities. There's Bob Oblong (Will Ferrell - Saturday Night Live), the limbless upbeat Dad; Pickles (Jean Smart - Designing Women), his adoring, bald, alcoholic wife; conjoined twin sons Biff (Randy Sklar - Apt. 2F) and Chip (Jason Sklar - Apt. 2F), who share three legs and three buttocks; daughter Beth (Jeannie Elias - Quack Pack), who sports a cucumberlike growth on her head; and youngest son Milo (Pamela Segall Adlon - King of the Hill), a one-haired optimist with every possible childhood emotional disorder. Milo and his fellow outcasts - including lower jaw-lacking Peggy (Becky Thyre - feature film The Flinstones) and toadlike Helga (Lee DeLaria - Plump Fiction) - clash with the Debbies, a giggling gaggle of popular girls from the affluent, unpolluted community on the hill. Versatile artists Billy West (Ren & Stimpy) also contributes dozens of voices to this completely off-the-wall journey into weirdness. When the Oblongs and their malformed neighbours gaze upwards and strive to fit into the conformist population of "beautiful people" above, they meet with disdain. But someone should warn the naysayers- because ready or not, here come THE OBLONGS.
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