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Night the Animals Talked, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Gamma Productions
Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Donkey - Frank Porella
Ox - Joe Silver
Cow - Pat Bright
Goat - Bob Kaliban
This special was about the animals in the manger that, at the moment of the birth of Christ, suddenly found the ability to speak. None of the animals were nice at all, or it took them awhile to come around. The program dealt with discrimination thru the pigs, who were not allowed in the manger by the other animals. The bull and the sheepdog were 'liberal' characters, while the cow seemed the most put out by humans in her manger. The pigeons seemed to just fly over and chirp out how they felt in unison. The most memorable secene was at the moment of birth, as all the animals gathered around to view the baby Jesus, the pigs were also struggling to see over their stall door. Suddenly, the door burst open and they tumbled into plain sight of all the other animals, but instead of being ordered back to their places, all the animals stepped aside to allow the pigs to ee the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes. Nervously, the two pigs came forward, and finally smiled with all the other animals upon seeing the baby Jesus. The animals then decided they must tell everyone about the miracle birth and raced into the streets and began screaming that Christ was born. Gradually, one by one, each animal went back from human communication to barking, crowing, etc. Only the bull was left to summarize, until he too returned to his original state.
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