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A Chipmunk Christmas


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Bagdasarian Production
Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Alvin - Ross Bagdasarian
Simon - Ross Bagdasarian
David - Ross Bagdasarian
Theodore - Janice Karman
In this special, the Chipmunks are to perform on Christmas Eve at Carnegie Hall. Alvin is supposed to play his prized golden harmonica. Before the show, Alvin is in a department store where he overhears a girl talking to her mother about how badly her brother wanted a golden harmonica for Christmas. The family can't afford to buy it for the son, says the mother. Alvin gets a touch of the Christmas spirit and gives his precious harmonica to the mother for the son. After doing so, he worries about what he is going to do for the show that night and how he is going to explain this to Dave. Later on Alvin returns to the store to look at the golden harmonica in the display case. While he I there, a mystery woman appears and purchases the harmonica for Alvin. Later on the mystery woman is revealed as Mrs. Claus, who bought the harmonica for Alvin because of his good deed. The show goes on and the boys have a wonderful holiday.
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The Cartoon Network cable channel premieres in 1992.