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New Fat Albert Show, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Bill Cosby Jr. and Filmation

Characters & Voices
Host - Bill Cosby
Fat Albert - Bill Cosby
Mushmouth - Bill Cosby
Leroy - Gerald Edwards
Dumb Donald - Lou Scheimer
Weird Harold - Gerald Edwards
Russell - Jan Crawford
Bucky - Jan Crawford
Rudy - Eric Suter
Devery - Eric Suter
Mudfoot - Bill Cosby
Ms. Wucher - Erika Carroll
Fat Albert and the gang get themselves into situations that teach the audience valuable life lessons. Fat Albert is usually the voice of reason and tries to open his friends eyes. Bill Cosby hosts the show and talks about whats happening in the episode during the show to explain whats happening. There are two segments which are sometimes played. They help show a solution to the problem or lesson that is being taught in the show. They are "The Brown Hornet" and "Legal Eagle".
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