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New Adventures of Speed Racer, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Fred Wolf Productions


Characters & Voices
Speed Racer -
Pops Racer -
Trixie -
Racer X -
“Mach 5 roarin' like a jungle cat...”

The early 90's brought back that 60's anime favorite, Speed Racer, with a bit of a sci-fi twist.

The youthful Speed Racer was the best race driver in the world. His car, the Special Formula Mach 5 (named because “go” is the Japanese word for “5”), was designed and built by his father, Pops Racer, who worked as a member of Speed’s racing crew. Speed’s other friends and associates consisted of girlfriend Trixie, little brother Spridal, mechanic Sparks, and the trouble-making monkey Chim Chim.

Although the main characters were all back for The New Adventures of Speed Racer, the revamped show did make a few changes. Most notably, the familiar "Go, Speed Racer, Goooooo!" theme song was gone, replaced by a guitar-driven rock number. As for the show itself, the new series gave Speed the ability to travel through time, while the Mach 5 had a sleeker, more modern design. The episodes still revolved around Speed, who was usually engaged in a heart-stopping race, chasing down evil-doers, or trying to reveal the secret identity of the masked Racer X.

The New Adventures of Speed Racer wasn't all that producers Murikami-Wolf-Swenson had hoped it would be, but the show did help spark a revival of interest in the original Speed Racer, still one of the most popular anime creations of all time.
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