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New Adventures of Pinocchio, The


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Characters & Voices
Foxy Q. Fibble - Larry Mann
Gepetto - Stan Francis
Pinocchio -
Cool S. Cat -
Cricket -
Pedro Pistol -
Simoro -
This syndicated series was Rankin/Bass's first show done in their "Animagic" stop-motion technique that they later became famous for thanks to holiday specials like "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer." Among the voice talents on the show was Stan Francis as Gepetto, who later provide the voice of Santa on "Rudolph." This version of C. Collodi's classic Itallian fairy tale tried to stay away from the Disney interpretation by providing new characters and designs better suited to stop-motion animation. Pinocchio is accompanied on his adverntures by several companions including Cricket, Foxy Q. Fibble (a conman), Cool S. Cat (a beatnik feline), Pedro Pistol (a private eye), and Simoro (Pedro's English bloodhound).
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