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New Adventures of He-Man, The


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Characters & Voices
He - Man
Pres. Pell - Gary Chalk
Alcon - Gary Chalk
Sgt. Krone - Gary Chalk
Andros - Gary Chalk
Gross - Gary Chalk
Artilla - Gary Chalk
Skeletor - Campbell Lane
Sagitar - Campbell Lane
Gepple - Don Brown
Optikk - Don Brown
Quake - Don Brown
Kayo - Don Brown
Viser - Dn Brown
Hydron - Don Brown
Werban - Don Brown
Mara - Venus Terzo
The Sorceress - Venus Terzo
Drissi - Tracy Eisner
Flipshot - Scott McNeil
Krex - Scott McNeil
B.H. - Scott McNeil
Capt. Zang - Scott McNeil
Caz - Mark Hildreth
Wall Street - Doug Parker
Meldoc - Doug Parker
Hoove - Doug Parker
Prince Adam - Doug Parker
Flogg - Alvin Sanders
Tuskador - Alvin Sanders
Gleep - Ted Cole
Slushead - Ted Cole
Karatti - Ted Cole
Staghorn - Ted Cole
Spinwit - Ted Cole
Sebrian - Anthony Holland
Gen. Nifel - Mike Donovan
In 1990, musclebound do-gooder He-Man returned to TV with a new look, a new planet, new friends and enemies, and one old nemesis. The New Adventures of He-Man brought both He-Man and Skeletor into the kindler, gentler 90’s by toning down the violence and turning up the goofy humor.

In the revamped series, He-Man (a.k.a. Prince Adam) and Skeletor were transported from homeworld Eternia to a new planet, Primus. There they headed up two teams engaged in “The Ultimate Challenge.” Skeletor led a group of baddies known as The Mutants, while He-Man was joined by such stalwart heroes as Optikk and Flipshot.

The focus was on competition, not out-and-out battle, in keeping with the new He-Man’s image. To further prove what a good citizen he was, Prince Adam/He-Man illustrated the importance of conservation as he tried to keep Primus a safe and happy place to live.

After an initial five-part miniseries, the show’s eventual 65-episode run got underway. The new show had its fans, but not enough to keep it running for a second season. Devotees of the 80’s He-Man wanted their old hero back, and younger kids were more interested in pizza-eating, ninja-fighting turtles than they were in a bare-chested guy with a sword. And so, after one final “Ultimate Challenge” five-parter (the third of the series), The New Adventures of He-Man quietly left the air.
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