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Moondreamers, The


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Sunbow Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Dreamgazer -
Bitsy -
Blinky -
Ursa Major -
Roary -
Sparky -
Celeste -
Bucky Buckaroo -
Crystal Star -
Snoozers -
Evil Scowlene -
Sleep Creeps -
Grimace -
Dream Gazer -
Scowlette -
This was a segment on the "My Little Pony and Friends" show. It is about a group of beings who live above the Earth named the Moondreamers. These people make the good dreams that people have at night. They control the dreams with the Dream Machine, which is powered by Dream Crystals that are delivered by Bucky Buckaroo on his comet. All around the city there are manhole covers which keep people from falling into the black holes located beneath. By falling through a black hole, you end up in Monstrous Middle, where the evil Scowlene and her Sleep Creeps live. Grimace is her mad scientist who makes nightmares for people. Every now and then the power of Scowlene overwhelms that of the Moondreamers and a good dream goes bad. It mostly happens after a manhole cover has been opened and Scowlene can roam the Moondreamers City, damaging to Dream Machine and Crystals. In the end, Scowlene is returned to Monstrous Middle and the manholes are closed up again.
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