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Mona the Vampire


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Cinar Productions

Characters & Voices
Mona -
There’s a poltergeezerthingie loose in the school cafeteria! A bunch of ghouls have busted out of the local cemetery! Alien invaders are attacking city hall!

Sounds like a job for... Mona the Vampire!

Deacked out in her dining room curtain cape and glow-in-the-dark fangs, our ten-year-old invetigator is on the case. With the help of her sidekick Fang, the bizarre solutions to the baffling mysteries plaguing her town.

To Mona, her alter-ego isn’t a disguise - it’s a way of life! She may not be a real vampire, but she’s as close as they come: a little girl with a big imagination. She invents the world around her as she goes along. And those around her can’t help but be drawn in.

Whether she’s hot on the trail of a carnivorous slug, trapped in a cemetery by the “Living Scarecrow”, or investigating the local swimming pool for a Loch Ness Nellie relative, Mona has a nose for sniffing out the strange and the supernatural - and the power to bring others along for the ride.
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