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Mission Hill


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Characters & Voices
Andy - Wallace Langham
Kevin - Scott Menville
C - Dog
Jim - Brian Posehn
Posey - Vicki Lewis
Natalie - Vicki Lewis
Gus - Nick Jameson
Ron - Nick Jameson
Stogie - Nick Jameson
Weirdo Beardo - Nick Jameson
Mr. Bang - Nick Jameson
Wally - Tom Kenny
Fechstein - Tom Kenny
Sasha - Tm Kenny
Griffo - Tom Kenny
Carlos - Herbert Siguenza
Mrs. French - Tress Macneille
Mrs. Mundorf - Tress Macneille
Mr. Czelanski - Dave Thomas
Dr. Eulmeyer - Dave Thomas
Eunice - Jennifer Jasn Leigh
The Boss - David Clennon
Stacy - Lisa Kushell
Chola Girl - Lisa Kushell
Toby Mundorf - Josh Weinstein
George Bang - Bill Oakley
Gwen - Jane Wiedlin
Although working at a waterbed warehouse hardly qualifies as a dream job for amiable 25-year-old Andy French (Wallace Langham - Veronica's Closet), it does provide him with beer money and plenty of inspiration for a career as a cartoonist. But when his parents move to Wyoming leaving Andy to care fro his brainy clueless 17-year-old brother, Kevin (Scott Menville - The Wonder Years), sibling rivalry takes on a whole new dimension. Fortunately, Andy's other roommates, slacker Jim Kuback (Brian Posehn - The Army Show) and whimsical Posey Tyler (Vicki Lewis - NewsRadio), help Andy propel Kevin from sheltered suburban adolescence into hip metropolitan adulthood. From the multiple Emmy Award-winning writing and executive producing team of Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein (The Simpsons).
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