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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids


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Random special

Characters & Voices
Miss Spider - Brooke Shields
Tony Jay -
Rick Moranis -
Bugs Awaaay! It’s Miss Spider’s wedding day! Little Miss Spider is all grown up and she is getting hitched to Holley spider. The wedding is a bug-stravaganza. Bugs from all over Sunny Patch have flitted, hopped, or crawled to attend the festivities, including Betty Beetle, Miss Spider’s adoptive mom and- Asparagus ‘Gus’ Beetle, Miss Spider’s brother. The only bug missing the shindig is Spiderus spider, who still holds a grudge against Miss Spider for picking Holley over him. After the wedding, a party hops into the night as the bugs hit the dance floor to the swinging sounds of Katie Katydid and the Cross Creek Cricket Fiddlers. The event is sensational except for one brief interruption when an uninvited chicken shows up. Chickens and bugs don’t exactly mix company… The bugs shoo the chicken off. They don’t notice that she’s laid an egg and left it behind.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage. Five of them! At first, Miss Spider’s got the jitters about being a Mom. Her spider Mom abandoned her at birth and she never learned anything about spider babies. Her adoptive Mom Betty assures Miss Spider that everything she needs to be a good Mom, she’s already learned and knows in heart. Once Holley’s and Miss Spider’s perfectly precious little baby spiders, twin girls Snowdrop and Pansy and three boys, Spinner, Wiggle and Squirt arrive, Miss Spider is overjoyed. She quickly gets into the swing of motherhood. The little spiders are spunky and full of personality, especially Squirt who is always exploring every hollow log and waterspout. On a family picnic, he uncovers the abandoned chicken egg from Miss Spider and Holley’s wedding. Squirt wants to keep it and take it home. Miss Spider tells him it’s not his to keep. Some poor Mommy has lost her egg. Surely she must be looking for it. But Squirt can’t get the egg out of his head. He hatches a plan. If the Mom won’t come to the egg, he’ll just have to take the egg to the Mom. Without telling his Mom, he takes off in search of the chicken.

Miss Spider’s world turns upside down when her Squirt goes missing. What kind of mother loses her child? All the fears she had about being a good Mom come bubbling to the surface. Within a short time she and Holley have all of Sunny Patch abuzz. Every bug is out looking for her missing baby.

Meanwhile Squirt has a tremendous adventure looking for the missing mother. Along the way he meets three other wayward kids, Dragon, the Dragonfly whose bark is worse than his bite, Shimmer, the narcissistic Jewel Beetle and Bounce, the crazy little bedbug. All these bugs happen to be in search of their mothers too. When they find out Squirt is out looking for a missing Mom they tag along with him. Maybe he’ll help them find their Moms too. The great adventure hits a sour note when Scamp realizes he’s good and lost. When he runs into the villainous Spiderus, instead of helping him, Spiderus tries to eat his friends. When they fight him off, Spiderus abandons the kids in the woods. Things go from bad to worse when snowflakes start falling and a late spring storm hits.

Miss Spider and Holley are wringing all eight legs with worry. Despite the inclement weather, they brave the storm to go rescue their baby. When they run into Spiderus, Miss Spider begs him to help find their Squirt, since he was the last to see her baby. He begrudgingly takes them to the Snakey Woods through a dangerous and harrowing storm,

After finding refuge in a little Stinkbug’s burrow for the night, the following morning, Squirt and his friends, complete the last leg of their journey, to the barnyard. It is there, in a daring rescue, that Miss Spider and Holley are reunited with Squirt. Miss Spider launches into a heroic maneuver and saves Squirt from being chicken feed. The baby chick is reunited with its Chicken Mom, and Squirt’s friends, Shimmer, Bounce and Dragon, well they are still orphans… That is until Miss Spider and Holley adopt them and take them back home where instead of five bugs, they now have eight. Miss Spider discovers that indeed everything she needed to know about being a Mom she already knew.

Produced by Nelvana in association with Callaway & Kirk, this storybook tale is a delightful animated special featuring inviting 3D computer generated imagery of natural environments and magical characters. Based on the best-selling book series by acclaimed children’s author David Kirk.
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