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Maya and Miguel


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PBS Kids
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The educational situation comedy will chronicle the adventures of 10-year-old Latino twins, Maya and Miguel Santos, as they figure out how to leave their stamp on the vibrant world around them. The comedy revolves around Maya's well-intended meddling in her family's and friend's lives, ultimately leading her to create new quandaries to fix. While every episode will take humorous twists and turns, the underlying message is the importance of doing good for the family and community and the philosophy that shared happiness is greater than personal gain.

The show is targeted at six- to eight-year-olds, but is also being designed to engage adults. It will be broadcast daily and will comprise a full 65 half hours of animated programming. It is intended to entertain and educate all children, to promote cultural diversity, and to encourage English language acquisition, particularly among Hispanics. It will be available on PBS with a second audio track in Spanish (SAP).

"Reaching, educating and entertaining children is part of Scholastic's DNA," says Deborah Forte, president of Scholastic Entertainment. "In the same way The Magic School Bus and Clifford entertain and help children with science and reading, The Misadventures of Maya and Miguel will be a series all children will delight in, and at the same time, prepare at-risk children as they begin their formal school experience."

The series has been developed with Guatemalan, Puerto Rican and Mexican-American writers, producers and artists who were able to lend their own perspectives and experiences, Scholastic says.

[Source: PR Newswire]
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