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Mike, Lou & Og


Original Air Date:
Cartoon Network
Prod. Co.:
Kino Film

Characters & Voices
Mike - Nika Frost
Lou - Nancy Cartwright
Og - Dee Bradley Baker
Goat - Dee Bradley Baker
Margery - Kath Sucie
Pig - Kath Soucie
Alfred - Martin Rayner
Spiney - Martin Rayner
Wendel - S. Scott Bullock
Queeks - Corey Burton
Captain - Brian George
Yet another series spawned from the "What A Cartoon Show". Mike is an exchange student from the United States who is sent to a tropical island to live with a very strange family. The family are the only humans on the island, and because of that they declare themselves royalty. So Mike does whatever she can to stay occupied and to teach the family American ways. Og is the strange family's son. On the outside he looks like a tribesman, but on the inside he is a machine, being able to invent or create anything out of the resources he has available. Then there is Lou, the spoiled, annoying daughter who takes the royalty thing to far and expects everyone t listen and obey her. She makes up her own rules as she goes along, and blows her top if you step out of line. Her pet turtle, Lancelot, is always to blame. No matter what happens, they all go on some kind of crazy adventure where one of Og's inventions usually helps out.
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