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Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall


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Characters & Voices
Mattimeo - Michael Seater
Sam Squirrel -
Tim Churchmouse -
Tess Churchmouse -
Cynthia Bankvole -
Auma -
Jube -
Cheek -
Orlando -
Basil Stag Hare - Richard Binsley
Matthias - Tyrone Savage
Jabez -
Jess Squirrel - Susan Roman
Log - a
Flugg -
Skan -
Slagar -
Vitch -
Malkariss -
Nadaz -
Wearet -
Abbot Mordalfus - John Stocker
Constance - Janet Wright
Cornflower - Melissa McIntyre
Sister May -
Winifred -
Ambrose Spike -
Foremole -
Gaffer -
Digger -
Rollo -
Queen Warbeak -
Stryk Redkite -
General Ironbeak -
Mangiz -
The evil Slagar the Cruel takes revenge upon Matthias, the warrior of Redwall Abbey by kidnapping his son, Mattimeo, along with the other children of Redwall. After discovering the children missing, Matthias and the other parents set off, tracking Slagar and seaching for their young ones. Meanwhile Redwall Abbey is attacked by a gang of evil rooks and magpies led by General Ironbeak, a huge raven and the seer crow, Mangiz.
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