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Marsupilami ('99)


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Marsupilami -
From the darkest depths of the Palombian jungle, we are proud to present the one and only MARSUPILAMI!! This enigmatic creature, famous all around the world for his yellow and black fur, his big, inquisitive eyes and his long tail that seems to go on forever, is one of a kind, elusive and fascinating. He only knows life in the jungle, far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. But now, man is threatening his paradise and creating havoc in his life. MARSUPILAMI! just wants to be left alone, however, and now the time has come for him to emerge from the shadows and protect his endangered nest... Literally thrown into the modern world head-first, he discovers the strange customs of homo sapiens. With his characteristic call of "Houba, Houba!", MARSUPILAMI! takes us on the wildest of adventures through the land of Palombia. He uses his wit and a taste for mischief to invent surprising and hilarious ways to escape the clutches of his enemies (or admirers!) and return to his beloved jungle home. But despite his good-natured disposition, things better go his way, or else...! MARSUPILAMI!, created by Franquin in 1957, has become quite a star of the cartoon world. He now bounds onto TV screens as the hero of this ambitious animated series, and will quickly win over the hearts of children and adults alike. Get ready... the MARSUPILAMI! is here!
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