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Littlest Angel's Easter, The


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Easter special

Characters & Voices
Ryan -
Littlest Angel -
Sonny -
Mr. & Mrs. Newman -
Pastor Martin -
In this special, the Littlest Angel has to try to get the new kid, Ryan, some friends at school. The angel meets a dog who he plays with and thinks it would be good for Ryan. He brings the dog to Ryan, and the two play. He brings him home, but his mother tells him to get rid of him. The dog hides in the bushes, and meets Ryan the next day. Ryan brings him home again, but hides him under the porch. The dog gets into trouble and is made to leave. Feeling guilty, Ryan goes to look for him. He falls in a well and has no one around to help. The angel, not being able to be seen by anyone, uses a Frisbee to show Ryan's parents where he is. They never find the dog, but the community helps them try. In the hunt, Ryan makes friends with the kids from school. During church, the Sonny shows up and everyone is happy.

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