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Little Rascals Christmas Special, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Fred Wolf Productions
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Alfalfa -
Buckwheat -
Darla -
Stimey -
Petey -
Spanky -
Porky -
Porky's Mom -
Santa Claus -
The setting for the The Little Rascals Christmas Special is the Depression Era. Spanky and Porky are brothers who are living with their mother who is apparently on her own. Because times are tight, there's very little money to buy food much less anything else.

Spanky's mother is working as a housekeeper to make ends meet. While she is on the phone one morning, Spanky and Porky hear her talk to someone about ordering a Blue Comet. The boys naturally become very excited about this because a Blue Comet is the greatest train set ever. Eventually Spanky and Porky let their mom know that they heard Santa's order on the phone and that they are going to get the Blue Comet Electric Train for their Christmas present.

Not wanting to disappoint the boys, Spanky's mom returns a coat that she had been paying on layaway for several months. Without a coat, she become sick and the boys wind up nursing her. As she is ill, the delivery man from the department store delivers The Blue Comet to their home with the "change" from the coat.

Realizing that Mom returned her coat to get the train, Spanky and Porky enlist The Gang into trying to help them get enough money to buy Mom's coat.

In the meantime, someone has stolen the Blue Comet so now they don't even have a train set.

Christmas is almost here and it appears that there won't be any Blue Comet nor coat for Mom, unless there's a miracle. But will that miracle happen?

- sweetcece
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