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Little Lulu Show, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Cinar Productions


Characters & Voices
Little Lulu - Tracey Ullman & Jane Webb
Tubby - Bruce Dinsmore
Annie - Michael Caloz
Alvin - Ajay Fry
Iggie - Jane Woods
Willie - Andrew Henry
Mrs. Moppet - Pauline Little
Wilbur - Jacob B. Tierney
Gloria - Angelina Bolvin
Quick-witted Lulu can outsmart boys, bullies and even grownups! Whether she's catching frogs for a local restaurant, searching for hidden treasure or tracking down a thief, Little Lulu's always got an ace up her sleeve. Together with her best friend Tubby, pint-sized Alvin, buck-toothed Annie, smooth Willie and the rest of the neighbourhood gang, Lulu always finds herself in the middle of an adventure.

Join in the fun as Lulu and Annie set up a pet-care business - The only snag is that their secret formula shampoo causes baldness! Come along for the ride as a visit to the planetarium turns out to be a voyage in outer space! And hold on to your hat when an elephant escapes from the circus - with Lulu and Alvin on it's back!

Little lulu's been a star since 1935 when she first appeared in Marjorie Buell's famous comic strip. And now The Little Lulu Show is proving that the feisty girl with the corkscrew curls is a hit with a new generation. Wherever she appears, Little Lulu's getting rave reviews.

Based on the original comics and all-new stories, the series combines Lulu's stand-up routines with her classic neighbourhood adventures.
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