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Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, The


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Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Cmdr. of Wind Demons - Larry Kenney
Santa - Earl Hammond
King Awgwa - Earle Hyman
Tingler - Robert McFadden
Necile - Lesley Miller
Weekum - Joe Grasso
Young Santa - J.D. Roth
The Great Ak - Alfred Drake
The Leaders of the Immortals assemble to discuss the trials and tribulations of the great Santa Claus on the night which is going to be his final Christmas voyage. In their discussion, they talk about why Santa deserves the Mantle of Immortality, because without it he will die. In their meeting they talk of how Santa was found at the edge of the mystical forest when he was just a babe, how he was raised by Tingler the sound elf, a lioness, and a sprite, and also how he grew up becoming a loving, giving mortal. After all of their discussions on how much Santa deserved to make his yearly trips for all time, he was given the mantle and the gift of immortality.
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In 1957, cartoonist Frank Miller was born.