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Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The


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Halloween special

Characters & Voices
Ickabod Crane -
Headless Horseman -
Brom Bone -
Katrina -
Ickabod is a school teacher in a little town. He is very cultured and sophisticated. All the woman love him, and it's not for his looks. Brom is the town brute. Big and muscular, and dumb as a board. He is very similar to the Gaston character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Katrina is the gorgeous, rich woman who all the men want, but none get. The moment Ickabod saw her, he fell in love. I'm not sure if it was with her money, or her. Anyway, the game was on. Brom and Ickabod began to put on the charm and try to win Katrina's heart (and money). None of the other men in town would dare compete, because they were afraid of Brom. Ickabod, however, was sly and new how to avoid him. They did everything they could, and just when Ickabod was getting the upper hand, it was the night of the Halloween party. Brom new that Ickabod was very superstitious, so he told a creepy story of a Headless Horseman. Ickabod totally believe it, and when the party was over, rode into the deep, dark glen. As he rode, he got even more frightened. Almost to the covered bridge, where the Horseman couldn't cross, he appeared. Scaring the poot out of both Ickabod and his horse, they got confused and ran in the opposite direction. To make a long story short, even though it's too late for that, Ickabod managed to make it back to the bridge and crossed it, but on the other side he stopped and looked back. The Horseman hurled a flaming pumpkin at Ickabod and that was all that remained in the morning. Ickabod was never seen again and Katrina wound up marrying the brute Brom.
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