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King of the Hill


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Klasky Csupo


Characters & Voices
Hank Hill - Mike Judge
Boomhauer - Mike Judge
Peggy Hill - Kathy Najimy
Bobby Hill - Pamela Segall
Luanne Platter - Brittany Murphy
Joseph Gribble - Brittany Murphy
Dale Gribble - Johnny Hardwick
Bill Dauterive - Stephen Root
Cotton Hill - Toby Huss
Nancy Gribble - Ashley Gardner
Buckley - David Herman
Eustis - David Herman
This show is about Hank Hill and his life with his family and friends. Hank works for a propane company; propane is his life. Bobby, Hank's son, is a dimwit. Luanne, Peggy's niece and the Hill's family live-in, goes to beauty school and is also a dimwit. When Hank is home, he is usually found with his friends standing by the fence and drinking a beer. Boomhauer talks so fast with his drawl that it sounds like total gibberish, but somehow Hank and the guys understand him. Dale is completely paranoid of everything and a follower. Bill is a lonely unintelligent man that misses his ex-wife and gets depressed easily. There are always a new predicament that a member of the Hill family or one of the friends get into and the show revolves around that one topic.
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