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Kim Possible


Original Air Date:
Disney Channel
Prod. Co.:
Disney Television


Characters & Voices
Kim Possible - Christy Carlson Romano
Dr. Dad Possible - Gary Cole
Dr. Mom Possible - Jean Smart
Ron Stoppable - Will Friedle
Bonnie Rockwaller - Kirsten Storms
Wade - Tahj Mowry
Josh - A.J. Trauth
Monique - Raven
Brick - Rider Strong
Rufus - Nancy Cartwright
Tim Possible - Shaun Fleming
Jim Possible - Shaun Fleming
Kim Possible is a smart, pretty, popular, red-headed, athletic high school cheerleader, who frequently spends time between classes saving the world from major disasters and preposterous cackling super-villains. With some easy-going teen slang like "What's the sitch?", "No Big", and "So not the Drama", and the help of her best friend Ron Stoppable, his pet Naked Mole-rat Rufus, a 10-year-old super-genius computer-whiz named Wade, who manages her website, Kim and Ron use no super powers whatsovever to defeat foes like Dr. Drakken, Shego, Duff Killigan, Lord Monkey Fist, Senor Senior Sr. & Jr. and others. Unlike most shows of this kind, her heroics are no secret, especially to her rocket scinetist father, brain surgeon mother, and bratty but almost as smart twin brothers Tim and Jim.
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