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THE STORY The series takes place in Africa, where Kassai was found in the bush when he was just a baby. He was raised by lions, and then adopted by Bintou who takes him back to her village. The people of Bintou's village have had a spell cast upon them by the Evil God Togoum. Kassai has been chosen to free his people from this curse. To achieve this, he must reconstitute the statue of Koorie, Goddess of Earth, whose pieces have been scattered across the continent. For every mission, Kassai must leave his village to find one magical missing piece and bring it back to Koorie. This exciting journey of treasure hunts pits Kassai against untold dangers: hostile tribes, wild animals and, above all, Togoum's traps. Fortunately, Kassai is not alone for this great adventure: Leuk, a comical rabbit, and Marana, a beautiful princess, will help him - as well as the Nommos, Gods of the Good. At the end of the series, Kassai frees his people, solves the mystery of his origins and marries the lovely Marana. THE CHARACTERS KASSAI is brave and intelligent, and he has been chosen by the wise man Ogotem to face Togoum. He has a sense of justice, but he is young and sensitive. LEUK is a boastful and mischievous hare. Despite being a chronic complainer and sometimes a bit of a coward, Leuk is a dependable companion, and knows Africa like the back of his... paw! PRINCESS MARANA is a beautiful young girl in a strange predicament: she is cursed to transform into a gazelle from sunrise to sunset… But, this curse is sometimes a blessing in disguise for Kassai: it enables Marana to communicate with the wild animals they encounter in their adventures. Kassai, Leuk and Marana will have to outsmart the traps laid by KAKOU who dreams of taking Kassai's place as the chosen one. Kassai's rival is always accompanied by his warthog sidekick. The dreadful TOGOUM will try to foil Kassai's efforts, with the help of his cunning little monkey accomplice. The animal's bite transforms its victims into faithful servants of the demon... A SERIES FILLED WITH WONDER... Each character possesses a magic gift, impressing children with enchanting images: Marana transforms into a gazelle as soon as the sun rises; the Nommos, Gods of the Good, emerge magically from water to guide Kassai in his mission; Togoum, the Fire God, is a spirit that appears amidst a wall of flames to spread his evil. ... AND COMEDY Kassai and Leuk make a great pair, as comic sidekick Leuk is always getting into sticky situations! The ridiculous Kakou inspires laughter at every turn bungling his efforts, forever missing the point, and always toppling off his pig! AN EXCITING JOURNEY OF TREASURE HUNTS... In each episode, Kassai travels to the four corners of the continent to accomplish his mission, offering children an enchanted world filled with animals, landscapes, new and unusual characters... THE FIRST ANIMATED SERIES BASED ON REAL AFRICAN LEGENDS... The series is inspired by Leopold Sedar Senghor's well known characters. Leuk the Hare is notorious as a leading figure in African schoolbooks, and Princess Marana is famous throughout African fables.
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