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Jolly Old St. Nicholas


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Perennial Pictures
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Scuddle Mutt - Jerry Reynolds
O'Tole - Jerry Reynolds
Clawdia - Rachel Rutledge
Miss Posey - Rachel Rutledge
Santa Claus - Andy Kuhn
Poinsetta Pig - Lisa Buetow
In this special, two animals are preparing their lists for Santa, over and over again. They have sent in hundreds of letters already. Instead of making letters, they should be preparing for the talent show at the barn with the rest of the animals. The night of the show arrives and Claudia and Scuttlemutt are pretty much ready. The only problem is, their costumes make them look exactly like Santa's two elves. Santa comes to bring the gifts to the animals houses while they are all at the show, and when he is about to leave he mistakes the two costumed animals for his elves, leaving his real elves behind. Once in the air he finds out that they are just two animals and then exactly who they are. The two that have been sending him tons of letters. He winds up teaching them what Christmas is really about. Meanwhile, back down at the farm the two real elves are mistaken for the animals and are shoved on stage. They make the performance and are a hit. They win the first prize, and still nobody knows that it isn't Scuttlemutt and Claudia. Finally Santa returns and makes the switch, and the two animals have a better understanding of what Christmas is about. They use the prize money to buy gifts for all of the other animals on the farm.
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