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Jack Frost


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Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Pete - Buddy Hackett
Jack Frost - Robert Morse
Kubla - Paul Frees
Winter - Paul Frees
Elisa - Debra Clinger
Elisa's Dad - Larry Storch
Danny - Larry Storch
Snip - Don Messick
Holly - Diana Lynn
Elisa's Mom - Dee Stratton
In this special, Jack Frost wishes to become human so he can wed the beautiful Elisa. He requests that Winter allows him to become human, and is granted his wish. The only way he can stay human is to not only have Elisa by the end f the year, but a house, a bag of gold, and a horse. He goes back down to Earth and becomes a tailor. He also winds up staying with Elisa and her family under the name of Jack Snip. Two of his friends from the winter kingdom in the clouds are sent down by Winter to watch over Jack. They are Snip and Holly, and they join Jack in his tailor business. During all of this, the evil sovereign, Kubla Kraus, is over taxing the people and making them poor. Jack wishes there was a way that he could stop Kubla, but he can't as a human. Sir Danny shows up one day and both He and Elisa fall in love with each other, breaking Jack's heart to pieces. A few days later, Elisa gets captured by Kubla because he wants to marry her as well. Jack and Danny try to rescue Elisa. They succeed, but in the process Jack gets caught and Danny gets a badly hurt. While in prison, Jack realizes that he must become Jack Frost again to free himself and stop Kubla from destroying the town with his robot army. To quickly finish the story, Frost freezes Kubla's castle for many months, not allowing him or his robots to leave. Kubla falls out of power and the robots get destroyed to boot. Jack becomes human again to quickly complete his tasks, and when he has everything he needs, Elisa winds up marrying Danny. Not a very happy ending.
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