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Invasion America


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Characters & Voices
David Carter - Mikey Kelley
Rafe - Edward Albert
Dragit - Tony Jay
Colonel Konrad - Leonard Nimoy
Major Lomack - Jim Cummings
Doc - Ronny Cox
Sonia - Kath Soucie
Simon - Thom Adcox
Cale Oosha - Lorenzo Lamas
Angie - Kristy McNichol
Jim - Rider Strong
Colonel Gorden - James B. Sikking
Major Stark - Greg Eagles
Dave was the son of an alien ruler/king, and is trying to find out about his father. In the past Dave's father was betrayed by an adviser type person in the alien ruling system, the adviser type person took over but some of the people of the alien race started a revolution. The father of Dave left, either after or just before Dave was born, to fight in the revolution. Oh, and the evil alien is trying to take over Earth but can't use a large force because the army was destroyed by the father and also I think they wanted to have the human race become slaves or just surrender but don't quote me. Also the revolution prevented a lot of ships coming to Earth. There are also several aliens in the government covering up the proof that aliens exist. Some aliens live normal lives. Dave also has a glove that only members of the royal family can wear (it gets kinda freaky if some one does, their fingers twist around about 2 or 3 times and the hand gets crushed!). The way to tell if they were an alien was that one of their eyes has a small flash of light then it kinda implodes then the pupil reforms from the outside of the eye, and they have telekinesis (can move stuff with their minds). Later Dave gets some help form a government agent when he sees one of the alien spacecrafts. So the main plot is that aliens loyal to the evil government are trying to kill/capture Dave and he is trying to find out more about his father and survive.

Plot sent in by Aaron Dowling
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