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Incredible Crash Dummies, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Lamb & Company, Inc.
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Characters & Voices
Junkman - Dan Hennessey
Dr. Zub - John Stocker
Horst - John Stocker
Slick - James Rankin
Jackhammer - James Rankin
Spin - Michael Caruana
Ted - Lee MacDougall
Spare Tire - Richard Bineley
Pistonhead - Richard Bineley
Bull - Paul Haddad
Daryl - Paul Haddad
Computer Voice - Susan Roman
It turns out that Ted, a previously unmentioned dummy was trying out a special type of dummy body, the Torso 9000. I think the Torso 9000 can make it's wearer super-strong, because after a janitor with very poor eyesight attached Junkman to it, Junkman was able to pick up an entire plane all by himself with very little trouble. Unfortunately, Ted crashed while he was testing the Torso 9000, and he fell apart. The professor of the dummies was going to reattach Ted's head to the Torso 9000 in the morning, but a janitor cam into the professor's office in the middle of the night and accidently attached Junkman's head to the body instead. Also, it wasn't shown in the special, but I later saw a Incredible Dummy action figure that was modeled after Ted. Ted's head had been altered to fit only the Torso 9000, so after Junkman stole his body, poor Ted bounced around without a body for the rest of the video. The action figure did have a body, but I noticed that it was just a car engine. I remember that Junkman used to be an improved dummy head that the professor was working on, but Junkman turned out to be completely evil, so the professor put his head in a container for safe keeping. I hope this
info can help you! BTW, I ordered the Incredible Crash Dummy video by
sending in proofs of purchase from a Cap n' Crunch cereal box.

Plot sent in by Dana G.
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