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Hoobs, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Jim Henson Productions

Characters & Voices
Iver - Donald Austen
Tootle - Wim Booth
Groove (2001 - 2002)
Hubba Hubba - Brian Herring
Groove - Brian Herring
Twang - Mark Jefferis
Timp - Rebecca Negan
Roma - Gillie Robic
Tula - Julie Westwood
It shocks me that this excellent children's programme does not occupy a central position in children's prime time TV. At the moment it is aired in the UK on channel 4 in the early mornings, yet compared to most of the output of the BBC's CBBC segment, this is far superior.

The central premise, of having the main characters being aliens reporting back to their home planet, allows for the exploration of ideas in a non patronising way making the programme accessible to kids and more then bearable for adults.

The biggest asset this programme has is the likableness of the main characters. They speak in English, not in a made up language incomprehensible to all (as in Teletubbies), and they explain any terms which are not human. They also refrain from using baby/child's talk, making 'the hoobs' non patronising.

The musical tunes are entertaining and catchy, and even the children used are good actors/good in front of camera.

The only shame about this programme is nothing to do with the programme itself-just that it has not been broadcast or picked up by one of the main children's broadcasters. Its a brilliant show, and deserves a big following!

- Rick
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