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Here Comes Peter Cottontail


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Easter special

Characters & Voices
Peter C. - Casey Kasem
Seymour - Danny Kaye
Irontail - Vincent Price
Antoine - Danny Kaye
Col. Bunny - Danny Kaye
Santa - Paul Frees
Donna - Iris Rainer
Colonel Bunny is getting old and needs a successor. He decides to have Peter Cottontail be it, but Irontail proves that there has to be a contest for the position. The winner is the one who gives away the most eggs. Irontail messes up Peter's alarm, so he never wakes up, and Irontail wins with the one egg he gave away. Peter tries to make amends and give away all of his eggs. He meets Seymour, who has a time machine that is driven by Antoine. They try to go back in time to Easter to redo the whole thing, but wind up going into the future. Peter decides to give his eggs out at another holiday, but seems unable to for each holiday. During Valentine's day he almost does, but Irontail casts a spell on the eggs turning them completely green throughout. Not knowing how to get rid of the eggs, he almost gives up. Traveling through time, the come upon St. Patricks Day. The eggs were wanted by everyone. Once the eggs were gone, Peter returned and was given the position of Head Bunny and Irontail wound up a janitor.
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