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Grim & Evil


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Cartoon Network
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Cartoon Network Production

Characters & Voices
Grim -
Billy -
Mandy -
Hector Con Carne -
General Skarr -
Dr. Ghastly -
"Grim & Evil," a macabre and funny new series is comprised of two cartoons from creator Maxwell Atoms, "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" and "Evil Con Carne.".."The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" is set in the average American town of Endsville. Billy and Mandy are normal kids who just happen to be best friends with The Grim Reaper. Billy is goofy and easily amused. Mandy, however, is a very opinionated, sometimes cruel, little girl. These two end up tricking The Grim Reaper into being their best friend forever, a fate the proud supernatural creature despises. Together, the trio takes part in skewed adventures in both the spectral world and the odd suburban landscape of Endsville...

"Evil Con Carne" starts out with the mind and stomach of a jillionaire playboy being implanted into the body of a trained bear. Hector Con Carne, or at least his evil disembodied brain, is trying to seek vengeance on the world for the cruel accident that destroyed most of his body. It's a tough job, but Boskov, the lumbering, stupid circus bear he's bound to, doesn't make it any easier.
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