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Great Bear Scare, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
DimenMark Films Production
Halloween special

Characters & Voices
Ted E. Bear - Tom Smothers
Patti Bear - Sue Raney
Prof. Werner von Bear - Hans Conried
Dracula - Louis Nye
C. Emory Bear - Hal Smith
Miss Witch - Lucile Bliss
All the worlds monsters live in the ever scary MONSTER MOUNTAIN. and on halloween night, they plan to invade the bear town and eventually take over the world. So all the bears in 'beartown' begin to freak out. Patti bear is the reporter and they choose Tead. E Bear to goes to the mountain and see if anything is there. (there are news breaks with Patti through-out the story). Ted. E sees that there are ghosts and monster in the mountain, and all the bears pull together to beat them. The way the beat them is pretending they don't see them, and pouring honey on them, and they all go back to the mountain.
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