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Animus Entertainment

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Ben -
Boys think they know everything. Girls know they do!

GirlStuff/BoyStuff eavesdrops on six young teens who have been friends forever; three girls -
Reanne, Talia and Hanna; and three boys - Jason, Simon and Ben. The gang is always there for each other -- to keep it real, to tease, and to be there for when life sucks.
The gang is at that exciting, funny, awkward time when the rules of survival have suddenly changed. Navigating through teenage life can be complicated, and you need your friends even when you make a complete idiot of yourself over the new girl in school, or say something mindless about the color of your best friend's new dress. GirlStuff/BoyStuff follows the different responses of the boys and the girls to the same events, and the hilarious results.
When you're hanging with your crew, you never know what is going to happen. Every trip to the mall is an adventure and it's up to you
and your friends to decipher this new and intoxicating world.
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