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George Pal Puppetoons


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Paramount Cartoon Studios Production

Characters & Voices
Jasper -
Professor Scarecrow -
Black Crow -
Jim Dandy -
Tubby The Tuba - Victor Jory
Pepo The Picalo - Victor Jory
The Frog - Victor Jory
Senior Pistacato - Victor Jory
The Narrtor - Victor Jory
Along with Mr.George Pal's "Puppetoons" that feature the misadventures of"Prof.Scarecrow", his crow puppet friend and "Jasper", Mr. Pal and his staff also created and produce a series of short films that feature the stories of "Jim Dandy". A likeable but naive young man, who got himself into situations with beautiful girls and con men.

Mr. Pal also created and produced a Puppetoon adaptation of The Paul Tripp/ George Kleinsinger children's musical story "Tubby The Tuba", the film told the tale of a put upon tuba who wanted to play a sweet melody but he was mocked by his fellow musical instruments for his ridiculous idea. Until a kindly, old frog allowed him to use his tune and "Tubby" became the first successful tuba to play his own song.

Character actor and dialectician Victor Jory was the film's narrator and the voice of "Tubby", "The Frog" and the film's other characters. Paul Tripp would write, produce and narrate a feature length animated verrsion of his children's musical story in the 1980's.

Dick Van Dyke provided "Tubby's" voice and he performed the tale with an all star cast. Mr. Tripp's feature length animated version of "Tubby The Tuba" was screened on The Christmas Day, 1989 edition of "The Fox Five Kids' Club" Kids TV Special.
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