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Frosty's Winter Wonderland


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Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Frosty - Jackie Vernon
Jack Frost - Paul Frees
Parson Brown - Dennis Day
Crystal - Shelly Winters
It's another Christmas and the kids wish they could see Frosty again, and he wishes he could see the kids again. Being that it is very cold all over, he comes back for the season. While playing with the kids, Frosty manages to upset Jack Frost. Jack continuously tries to take the hat from Frosty so he won't be alive anymore. One night, when the kids had to go home, Frosty told them that he gets very lonely at night and needs someone to keep him company. The next day the kids make him a snow bride, but nobody can get her to come to life. Later on that day, Frosty puts some ice flowers in the brides hands and she comes to life. Now Frosty wants t be properly married to her. The kids get the local priest to hold the wedding, but he says that he can only legally bind humans. The kids make a snow priest and he holds the wedding. Also, after befriending Jack Frost, he becomes the best man. In the end, everyone is happy again and it's time to go home to the north.
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