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Frosty the Snowman


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Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Narrator - Jimmy Durante
Frosty - Jackie Vernon
Magician - Billy DeWolfe
Teacher - June Foray
Santa Claus - Paul Frees
In this special, a group of kids build a snowman in their school's playground, and place a magical hat on his head that belonged to a grouchy awful magician named Prof. Hinkle. After realizing that his hat actually had magic, he tried to take it back. He gets it the first time, but Hocus Pocus the rabbit takes it back to the kids to have. The heat starts to rise and Frosty gets worried. The children decide to take Frosty to the train station to get a ticket to the North Pole. Frosty and the little girl Karen climbed aboard a refrigerated car because they had no money to buy the ticket. Karen began to catch a cold, so as soon as the train stopped Frosty made her a fire. Prof. Hinkle jumps out and blows it out. Not being able to do anything but ran, Frosty and Karen made a daring escape down the snowy hills. Frosty brought her into a greenhouse to keep her warm and melted because when Hinkle showed he slammed the door closed. Santa shows up and Hinkle hides behind a tree, not wanting to be seen. Santa goes into the greenhouse and finds Karen weeping over Frosty's puddle. He opens the door and the Christmas snow revives Frosty. As they are leaving, Hinkle jumps out claiming the hat is his. Santa then gets in his face and tells him that if he even thinks of getting the hat back, he will never get another Christmas present ever again. Not wanting to give that up, Hinkle retreats and Frosty and Santa bring Karen home.
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