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Free for All


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Film Roman

Characters & Voices
Clay - Jeremy Piven
Johnny - Jonathan Silverman
Paula - Juliette Lewis
Grandma - Mitzi McCall
Dad - Sam McMurray
FREE FOR ALL features the enduring "cool" of multimillionaire and wheeler-dealer, Clay Zeeman, and his best friend, community college student, Johnny G. Jenkins - a nice guy with a Jiminy Cricket conscience. Johnny and Clay's unique adventures are always further complicated by the antics of Clay's pet ferret, Angus - a former drug company laboratory research animal with an addiction to illicit substances.

Not to be left out are Johnny's sex obsessed Grandma, his strangely comical abusive alcoholic father, Dougie Jenkins, and the love of Johnny's life, his neighbor Paula. Supported by a cast of pop culture icons mercilessly plucked from today's headlines, FREE FOR ALL drags its characters through its shocking, hilarious and often absurd take on life.

Striking a balance between biting satire and harmless slapstick in the tradition of "South Park," FREE FOR ALL is an animated comedy series pushing the boundaries of normal TV fare.
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